Listen to the Omens

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Have you ever walked through places, especially familiar places, places you walk every day, and not even know what had happened along the way?

Have you ever gone through the day doing routine stuffs, especially stuffs you do every day, and not noticed anything at all?

Do you go through life too preoccupied with the chatters in your mind tat you are not even aware of the beauty of the world around you anymore?

I used to, and sometimes when it felt like my mind is chattering non-stop like a hamster wheel, I pulled out my phone and scroll through social media, desperate for distraction from all the noise created by none other, but me.

“…every day was the same, and when each day is the same as the next, it’s because people fail to recognize the good things that happen in their lives every day that the sun rises.” – The Alchemist

It was up until a friend bought me The Alchemist.


“Never stop dreaming,” said the king. “Follow the omens.” – The Alchemist

Whenever I was in a bad rut in the past, I will curse and swear and ask why these sort of things happen to me. When I receive awful news, my mind will go into all sorts of places and bewilder myself, wondering of all people, why me?

“The secret is here in the present. If you pay attention to the present, you can improve upon it. And, if you improve on the present, what comes later will also be better.” – The Alchemist

But the truth is, I had never pay attention to the omens to learn what the Universe is trying to teach me. I just want all the dreadful things to stop happening, so I can live happily ever after in the fairyland. But in actuality, if I long to get where I aspire to go, I have to become the person I had to be, so not just that I will get there, but I will be able to handle whatever comes in my way when I’m there.

And funnily enough, Universe has its own humor, and those dreadful things will keep happening to you, until you learn and overcome them.

So, if you have dreams and goals, people, don’t just go through day after day like you are in a hamster wheel. Open your eyes and consciousness, observe the omens and what it’s trying to tell you, good or bad. If you do and follow them closely, the Universe will reward you handsomely.


Purposeful Match Stick


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Everyone is born with a match stick, a potentially magical one.

Throughout our lives, we went around swiping our match sticks against different walls, different surfaces, different places. Whilst some places did not ignite any sparks which we then move on quickly, some places did eventual in fire.

Now, the question to ask is, is this the brightest you can go?

But unfortunately, and sadly at the same time, not many people ask this question. They simply contemplate whether their fire is almost of the same with the people around them, the people of the norm, and decide that it’s enough, and they will carry on this way for the rest of the their life, the life of the norm.

Once in a while, they come across people who carries along a match stick lit up so brightly, crackling almost like fireworks. They looked up to them in admiration, wishing their fire would be shimmering like theirs. But when the thought of diminishing whatever fire they currently have to pursue the firework type of fire like theirs, they quiver in fear.

Let’s all admit it, we all quiver in fear when we walked into the unknown. It’s the thoughts and decision that comes next which is key.

It’s okay, I’m within the average range of the 80% population of the world. Look at this fire of mine, it’s not that bad. What if I fail? Not just that I might not achieve any crackling fire, I might just broke my match stick! No… I better stick to what I have.

That thought is not definitely wrong. But often when we talk ourselves out of taking yet another risk, we often left out the most crucial fact during the consideration–

We only have 100 years to live.

(Well, give and take)

We may end up eventually, with a broken match stick, if we take that risk. We shudder in fear even at the thought of it, but we often forget, our life eventually wither away, let alone a match stick.

When you lay on your deathbed, would you want to be holding on to a almost new, moderately used match stick and say, I’ve moderately used it throughout my life. Or one that is used and worn and say, I’ve give it my all to ignite my fire, and I had the best life God’s ever given to me.

Donald Trump Running for Presidency

Before he ran for presidency, I only know him from the reality TV show The Apprentice, which I didn’t even watch in the first place. But I did have an impression that he’s straightforward, and probably won’t sugar-coat his words. My first thought was, can someone from a reality TV show become a president?

After watching his video, I was totally convinced. I am totally in consonance with his quote “I’m really rich, that’s the kind of mindset you need for this country.”

Yes, being a leader is about about looking at what’s on your plate and decipher how am I gonna do about it, but building and running a country is definitely gonna need more than that. The country don’t just need a problem-solving president, a country needs a visionary leader with a prosperous mindset. And this, ladies and gentle, is gonna bring the country to a wealthy and happy state.

Look at Singapore, we were once a 3rd world country, and thankfully we had a visionary leader, Mr. Lee Kuan Yew, within less than 50 years we are one of the wealthiest country on earth. If it was somebody else running the country 50 years ago, that somebody else might have looked at all the problems on his plate and settled for something to just solve the problem. But no, Mr. LKY did not do just that, he brought us even more.

While I was despondent to look at the number of people laughing at his speech and decision, I googled and I found this.


I don’t know how true is this, but at least it says something, right?

I believe he will do a good job, if he gets the job. Don’t belittle the type of mindset you have, because it’s gonna affect your future.

Don’t Take it Personally


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Have you see 2 person arguing passionately about a subjective matter? Say, which cuisine taste better? Japanese or western?

The truth is, both of them taste differently, and there is no way to conclude which is better except which type of cuisine you prefer.

Yet again and again, our defense mechanism acts up when we perceived part of us is being attacked and we let ourselves loose to fight back.

But the truth is, nothing is ever taken from us when someone else have a different opinion. In fact, even when the other person raised his voice and criticized you or that something that is dear to you, they can do nothing to you unless you let them.

Don’t be like me- I’ve always been different, and I took a long time to appreciate myself for who I am, and for the longest time I let myself get beaten up badly by so many people around me. And no matter if you choose to continue to be who you are or change yourself to be like the rest of them, when you let their words get to you, you will get bruised either way.

Let me end with a simple yet power story told by a teacher friend of mine.

Her son: My classmate told me I am stupid. Am I stupid?
Her: Let me ask you, if someone told you you are the King, are you?
Her son: No, why would I?
Her: Exactly. So why would you be stupid when someone told you that you are?

So the next time when someone told you they feel otherwise about what you are and proceed to slam you with negativity- smile and say nothing. Because deep down you know, that nothing they can say can make you any lesser.



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How many times have you tried to move on?

You wanna break it up with your boyfriend, you wanna look for a new job, even sometimes moving on to a new country. You wanna let go of the bad now so that you can welcome new, happy things into your life.

And sometimes even though you did moved on- You broke up with your boyfriend, you quit your job, you packed up, bought an air ticket, and you flew straight to your dream country.

But as soon as you get there, you panicked. The feeling of loss overpowers more than the sense of moving forward. You panicked. you cried, you wanna pull your hair out for making such a rash decision. You just wanna go back to the past. You closed your eyes and wished everything would go back to just like the day before. Your guilt start surging up because you have no one else to blame and this time round, you are fully responsible for any consequence.

Unfortunately, this was what I was feeling for the past month or so. In fact, every time something bad happened, something that didn’t go my way, I hear that tiny little voice in my head saying to me, this is all your doings.

It sounds horrible isn’t it?

But before you go running back or begging for people to take you back, minimizing any so-call damages, hear me out.

So I was doing exactly what I thought I was doing- minimizing damages. I made my way back to talk to someone I used to be so familiar with. On my way back, I was kinda excited, nervous. But as soon as I got onto the path that I used to walk so often, I feel the anxiety and pressure I used to feel. I thought to myself, this doesn’t feel right. But I dissed it away, telling myself I will feel better after meeting her.

Half way through the chatting, I was feeling so uncomfortable that I just wanna get away. It didn’t take long to dawn upon me- I wasn’t happy, and I will not be happy if I continue to be here. Which was the reason why I got away in the first place.

So, if you have been constantly pondering if you had made the wrong decision, took the wrong move, go back. No, I mean go back physically and take a look. Let your body and emotions bring you back to a time when you were there. If it wasn’t good, it will not bring any back any good feelings.

And when you had the same realization as I had, you will have a proper closure, and soon you will be able to flip to a new chapter.


Be Yourself


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Today, I received a comment, that she thought a fellow friend of mine would be able to tolerate and go through the hardship which I was going through better, and longer.

First, I felt insulted. Then, I started to doubt myself. I then proceed to mentally compare myself with that fellow friend.

Memories of her and every incidents I had with her started pouring out, and I squeezed my mind to compare every tiny detail. Before I go into my usual self of thinking myself to death, a thought hit it, isn’t it all along my life’s goal to have a smooth sailing life?

So why would it matter if I could or could not tolerate hardship or do a better job than her? Why bother winning a competition that I didn’t even want it in my life in the first place?

Sometimes people in our lives benchmark us against people that they know, against beliefs that they had built their lives around. And just sometimes, it‘s sounded even more convincing when more than one person around you believe upon the same thing.

But being alone in your opinions and beliefs doesn’t make you wrong, nor does it make you insane. Just like almost half of the world’s wealth is owned by 1% of the population, and they didn’t accumulate their wealth by thinking they should think like the rest of the 99%.

We always feel that gaining approval and live like how others live make us less lonely, and impressing others is a life’s achievement. But the truth is, not aligning with what you feel on the inside had never left you even lonelier before.

So, whenever an remark is passed about what kind of person you should be, let it pass through and out from the other ear. Then shut your eyes and listen to that little voice inside instead. But this time, listen with intent to this voice, because from now on, this should be the only voice you should listen to.

The Spiral Staircase


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Someone actually told me today, not to show my negative emotions at work, because my boss won’t like it.

And by negative emotions, I meant upset due to certain stuff at work. *show puppy teary eyes

I was instantly offended, because she was telling me I wasn’t entitled to my own emotions. I wasn’t flaring my temper in a Godzilla kind of way, I wasn’t spitting any fire. I was just having teary eyes, maybe one or two stream of tears.

So I told her so, I am entitled to my own emotions. In the first place, I won’t be tearing up if I’m not feeling upset. And now you are telling me what to feel?

She then proceed to hint me, this is a very small industry, people talk. I then told her, if she wants to inform the whole industry that I cried in office so don’t hire me, and I will be jobless for the rest of my life, so be it.

Pardon me for my story, this is a negative story, and this suppose to be a spiritual, uplifting blog.

But just imagine, if I had listened to her and gone with her words, what would have become of me.

Life gets you down sometimes, at least it tries to pull you downwards. But always remember, it’s always a spiral staircase. If it tries to pull you down and you agrees to let it, you will be twisting and turning your way down when it doesn’t even feel like it. The next thing you know, you may have just hit rock bottom.

But instead, stay where you are. Fight for it, defend it, vent about it, but never go down with it. Yes, while we say we attract what we think, but sometimes negativity still pops up once in a while, asking if we would like to join the devil of negativity. And when it comes, always say no.

Climbing up the spiral staircase may take more effort, judging from the fact that a lot of them are at the bottom, but trust me, it’s rewarding. The view is different, the people you are with is different, and your whole world will be different.

So, persist.

Deep down, you know.


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business woman in a shopping centre with some bags

Have you ever noticed your behavioral pattern when you shop?

First, something caught your eye. You walked over to take a closer look. You like what you see, so you decided to pick out a couple of different designs that you might like, then you choose from the bunch you had shortlisted again.

You tell yourself, this stuff isn’t cheap! I better have a serious thought about which I would eventually fork out my money for!

You examine them a littler closer.
You ask around for opinions, you take serious consideration of what the rest have to say.
You took a mini break from choosing.
You choose again.

More often than not, you eventually ended up bringing home that first precious that caught your eye, after spending the effort to select, select, and re-select from the variety of options presented to you.

As much as we would like to rationalize things, to think things through logically, deep inside you, you know there is a higher self inside of you. And deep down you know, you are connected to this infinite intelligence.

However, even though most of the time we know what we want, more often than not, we care too much about other people’s opinions, logically does it make sense, is it wrong just because most of the people out there isn’t doing it. Before we make a certain decision, we think of the reason that answer other people’s why, so that we can get acceptance and support.

And sometimes, sadly, we forsake our love, our passion, ourselves, because we couldn’t give a rationale reason, and they simply doesn’t accept the reason because it just makes me happy.

And sometimes, just sometimes, you thought others know better. Because they had walked the path, because it’s proven to be safe, because they had lived it and it was okay.

But deep down, you know.
You know, you weren’t that.

You know, you are more than that.

number of ppl on earth

There are more than 7 billion people in the world, almost 6 million people in Singapore, isn’t it strange if most of us are meant to walk the same path in life?

If you had chosen a bag your friend deemed pretty, but not you, that’s okay, you can always get another in time to come.

But if you had chosen a spouse, a career, a path in life that deep down in your gut you know it’s not you, it’s simply not right, and even though you had tried to rationalize things in your mind telling yourself it’s the right choice but it’s not working so far…

Well, deep down, you know what to do.

See things under another angle


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I’m glad that I went to Lotus gathering earlier.

Ever since I started my new job about a month ago, my head had been up in the negativity cloud, again. It’s all about why are all the jobs I got myself into are so damn hard, accounts are messy, bosses are always so hard to deal with, environment is so strict, benefits are so little…

To the extend that I wanna go running back to my previous workplace, because of the familiarity, longer leaves, flexible working hours… And I admit for a moment there, I disregarded how work and their system used to suck.

Because the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence, isn’t it?

My body was tensed up for the longest time and I couldn’t sleep well, until listening to a friend of mine speak just now.

I didn’t ask him for any advice though, nor did I brought up any particular topic. I just simply let him let his thoughts flow. Which I happily allow, because they were flow of positivities that inspires me.

He spoke not just of good stuffs, but how he counter the bad. They are common yet unpleasant, like how the rest push work around, looking down on others just because they know one thing or two more than another. He spoke of how he view all these on another angle, a positive angle, and how he can benefit from them. How he aspire to be Napoleon Bonaparte, a man who is capable enough to be worthy of an army made up of ten thousand soldiers.

They weren’t new knowledge, but I guess it’s rooted deeply inside of me that I don’t like to be short-changed for my effort, which is what is tugging on my heart, holding me back on my full potential. It’s as if he was holding this lamp within the fog and pointed to me to the right direction.

And I am in the right direction, what I lack was the right attitude and mindset.

Thank you for the inspiration, and pointing me to the right direction. 🙂


Negative People in my Life


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I just got to know this new friend. She’s a very nice person, almost too nice at times, that too often than not people overstepped their boundaries. Her parents dotes on her siblings more, her partner did not treat her too well, and well, neither did her partner’s mother.

And the sappy sad story replayed itself to me everyday. After a few weeks, I think it finally got to me. By got to me, I meant the negativity. The aftertaste doesn’t feel good. I think you get what I mean if you dislike drinking coffee or eating durian (not that I dislike anything of those though).

I too, like her, wasn’t brought up with the habit of thinking and feeling positive. It got to me a little feeling like is my life gonna pan out like this as well? And it’s not a good feeling, to feel you are still alive yet you won’t be happily living it.

And then I did what I usually do. When I was younger, I don’t wallow myself in misery and worries. Now, I consult my best friend- Google. I typed in how to deal with negative people and click on the first link of my search- this.

And indeed, I felt better.

It’s not that I haven’t read these type of articles before, but me being me, I usually am not discipline enough to practice and eventually, I forget. Eliminating negative people totally out of my life is not possible, so it’s better for me to learn how to deal with them and learn to be aware that it’s not about me, it’s about them.

I feel better now.