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Have you ever wondered that to yourself?

What if I was born with a silver spoon?
What if I hit the genetic jackpot?
What if I was born clever?
What if I was raised by reasonable parents who taught me the right values?
What if I was always surrounded by people who cherish and love me, and I feel the same for them too?

What if those were true… where will I be now instead of… here?

I asked myself those questions whenever things started going south. I asked why am I not equipped with abundance of financials like some others out there? Why do I keep meeting people who take me for granted when I genuinely gave them my heart?

I believe most of us ain’t the top of the bunch, nor are we at the bottom. But this disease of comparison happens to the best of us. And the truth is- even if you are in the most perfect situation, if your heart wasn’t right, it’s not gonna lead you to the right place either. And in fact, with ampleness and wrong intention, things could go downhill faster than you could imagine.

So, instead of engrossed in thoughts of why weren’t you blessed, focus on yourself- your personality, your character, your heart. Things might not improve as fast as if you were equipped, but it will improve alright. So stop blaming, keep going.