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I need to write about this- after reading this article, I realised I’ve been one of the offenders for a very long time. I’ve been watching movie while doing my weekly ironing, browsing social media while having my meals, watching youtube videos while pooping (admit it, you must have done it at least once in your life).

So who else is a culprit of these bad habits?

While there is a voice pecking at the back of my head that these bad habits really have to stop, I just couldn’t bring myself to. It’s just like some people who adds tabasco to everything they eat (same goes for people to choose add chilli padi or sambal chilli), you just wanna get that extra kick and would rather be overly-stimulated than to feel bored, even for a moment.

For a while, your life is gonna seem great, you are never bored again! You are accomplishing more things with less time! You have finished reading 3 articles and found out that Jenny had gotten engaged through the internet by the time you had done with the movie, you had caught up with Jeremy over whatsapp what’s going on with his life while finishing up that work report.

But as time goes by, you realised you need to do more things at the same time to keep feel stimulated enough, to not feel that your life is dull. By the end of the many months or years later while keeping up with that habit, you are gonna realised you have been covering the surface of every ocean on earth without diving deep enough to find out what’s going on. You are gonna feel like you didn’t bond close enough with your loved ones because you were busy keeping up-to-date with your acquaintances online, or important information didn’t stick in your mind because you were busy jumping from tasks to tasks without giving enough focus and concentration.

So, this is gonna one of my new year resolution of the year- one thing at a time. If you are like me, hope you will make this one of your own too.