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Are you one of those people who are always thinking how good would it be if you go with the other choice? Do you go out with someone, and when the dishes came, you can’t stop eyeing at what the other person ordered and thought his/hers is better?

Maybe it had became a pattern, maybe I didn’t have a positive mind to begin with, but I’m bringing this offender of my positive life to light and I have to address this now.

As everyone knows- there’s a flip side to every coin. For the coins in Singapore, in front, you get to know how much the coin cost along with a beautiful national icon or landmark of Singapore. On the other side, you get the symbolic Coat of Arms, and the year which the coin was born.

Which is more beautiful, you ask? If you were to only choose to have one, which will you choose?

There’s no denying there’s beauty to either side of it, but if you choose to see only what you lose out after you made your choice, then for sure there is no beauty in whatever you choose.

The good thing about these coins though, is if you own one, you get both sides to it. However, in life, we can’t have it all. We have limited time, and only one presence. So instead of focusing what you are losing out, why not choose to be present, choose to be happy and satisfied with the choice you made? Because what you choose not to be grateful for today, might not even be there tomorrow.

So let’s make a pact with ourselves, shall we?