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Sometimes, the problem you have on hand seems too big- so big that you couldn’t see anything else.

It feels like this humongous balloon that flew right into your face, and no matter what you do, all you can see is this balloon, even though you know deep down how fragile and insignificant a balloon is- the thinness of it’s material, and the gigantic size is just merely filled with air. What is deceptive is its the bright and intense colour. You knew it’s filled with nothingness, but you still panicked when it stuck right in your face.

You stare and you stare at this bright colour in your face, thinking this is your whole and only world right now- a huge, big problem in your face. There are things going on besides this inconsequential thing, but you cannot see anything else because you choose to let it momentarily blind you.

Now we may all get astound when it first happen, but it’s up to you to choose to notice the fact that a tiny needle is gonna do the trick- this too shall pass.