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The scary part isn’t what if you are, the scary part is what if you are and you don’t have any plans to stop doing that in time to come.

I know- not all our dreams are easily attainable, and not all of us are born with the flair to be outstandingly great at what we love to do. Some of us (like me), need more practise, training, or even schooling, to achieve the kind of excellence before we actually can make a living out of what we love.

But that shouldn’t discourage us from even starting to plan to get there eventually. We could live a hundred years old- do you really want to find the easy way out, fairing ordinarily at a medicore job, getting vaguely tickled and count them as orgasm for the rest of our lives?

No, wait– do not stop reading just yet.

Don’t pounce from your seat and quit your job just yet! I know there’s quite a number of gurus who repeatedly encourage to quit your job now! Switch immediately and not another minute to lose!

I’m not gonna say that (and please definitely don’t do just that), because as much as we all wish we can make a million bucks instantaneously doing what we love, there are duties and responsibilities that cannot be shun, and not all of us can get into the position of our dream instantly, because what we are doing right now might not be affiliated with the one that we actually yearn for.

But guys, if none of the obstacles have stopped us from dreaming, then none should stop us from planning. We might take a while to get there, but remember- we could live up to a hundred years.

I don’t want to live my life wishing how I want to be there, I want to live my life planning and taking actions to get there so that I know eventually I’ll get there.

So I implore you- plan to reach your dream.