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Close your eyes, give it some though, really.

When I close my eyes, I see myself kicking up my legs on a wooden table, my palms tuck behind my head. Nope, it wasn’t any fancy table. In fact, it was just the type of table you see at any kopitam. But it is the view that made the difference.

I am on a balcony of a restaurant overlooking a panoramic view of the beach, with the ocean waves crashing softly onto the sand so fine it can slip through the crack of your fingers even when you press them firmly together. And in my mind I know it- I am the owner of this beautiful restaurant together with this humble, unpretentious resort.

That vivid image came to my mind when I break down the walls in my mind with logical reasoning and thousand of repetitive question of “how can I get there with where I actually am right now?”

And here I am, day after day I sat at least 8 hours in the office, dealing with numbers, spreadsheet and absolutely anything else that could come in relations with a beach that feels like heaven and a calming mind.

Why? Maybe you will ask me, why would I want to torture myself by imagining the impossible and putting myself in agony of the fact that it may well be unattainable in my lifetime?

Because (1), it may well be achievable, and (2) you can start making plans for it.

In our logical mind, it’s hard to put two-and-two together, given where we are right now and where we want to get. In the world without the right vehicle, you are right, we can’t get from Singapore to England, in our mind it may just come up as error 404. But guess what? That’s how’s cars and planes are invented when we breakdown those barriers we build in our head, by our reasoning, by our parents’ upbringing, by the sociality sterotype.

And what we need are just plans, which serves as vehicle getting from here, to there.

So, to the current you that happen upon my rambling, where will you want to be after you divorce the walls and barricades in your head?