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Everyone is born with a match stick, a potentially magical one.

Throughout our lives, we went around swiping our match sticks against different walls, different surfaces, different places. Whilst some places did not ignite any sparks which we then move on quickly, some places did eventual in fire.

Now, the question to ask is, is this the brightest you can go?

But unfortunately, and sadly at the same time, not many people ask this question. They simply contemplate whether their fire is almost of the same with the people around them, the people of the norm, and decide that it’s enough, and they will carry on this way for the rest of the their life, the life of the norm.

Once in a while, they come across people who carries along a match stick lit up so brightly, crackling almost like fireworks. They looked up to them in admiration, wishing their fire would be shimmering like theirs. But when the thought of diminishing whatever fire they currently have to pursue the firework type of fire like theirs, they quiver in fear.

Let’s all admit it, we all quiver in fear when we walked into the unknown. It’s the thoughts and decision that comes next which is key.

It’s okay, I’m within the average range of the 80% population of the world. Look at this fire of mine, it’s not that bad. What if I fail? Not just that I might not achieve any crackling fire, I might just broke my match stick! No… I better stick to what I have.

That thought is not definitely wrong. But often when we talk ourselves out of taking yet another risk, we often left out the most crucial fact during the consideration–

We only have 100 years to live.

(Well, give and take)

We may end up eventually, with a broken match stick, if we take that risk. We shudder in fear even at the thought of it, but we often forget, our life eventually wither away, let alone a match stick.

When you lay on your deathbed, would you want to be holding on to a almost new, moderately used match stick and say, I’ve moderately used it throughout my life. Or one that is used and worn and say, I’ve give it my all to ignite my fire, and I had the best life God’s ever given to me.