Before he ran for presidency, I only know him from the reality TV show The Apprentice, which I didn’t even watch in the first place. But I did have an impression that he’s straightforward, and probably won’t sugar-coat his words. My first thought was, can someone from a reality TV show become a president?

After watching his video, I was totally convinced. I am totally in consonance with his quote “I’m really rich, that’s the kind of mindset you need for this country.”

Yes, being a leader is about about looking at what’s on your plate and decipher how am I gonna do about it, but building and running a country is definitely gonna need more than that. The country don’t just need a problem-solving president, a country needs a visionary leader with a prosperous mindset. And this, ladies and gentle, is gonna bring the country to a wealthy and happy state.

Look at Singapore, we were once a 3rd world country, and thankfully we had a visionary leader, Mr. Lee Kuan Yew, within less than 50 years we are one of the wealthiest country on earth. If it was somebody else running the country 50 years ago, that somebody else might have looked at all the problems on his plate and settled for something to just solve the problem. But no, Mr. LKY did not do just that, he brought us even more.

While I was despondent to look at the number of people laughing at his speech and decision, I googled and I found this.


I don’t know how true is this, but at least it says something, right?

I believe he will do a good job, if he gets the job. Don’t belittle the type of mindset you have, because it’s gonna affect your future.