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Have you see 2 person arguing passionately about a subjective matter? Say, which cuisine taste better? Japanese or western?

The truth is, both of them taste differently, and there is no way to conclude which is better except which type of cuisine you prefer.

Yet again and again, our defense mechanism acts up when we perceived part of us is being attacked and we let ourselves loose to fight back.

But the truth is, nothing is ever taken from us when someone else have a different opinion. In fact, even when the other person raised his voice and criticized you or that something that is dear to you, they can do nothing to you unless you let them.

Don’t be like me- I’ve always been different, and I took a long time to appreciate myself for who I am, and for the longest time I let myself get beaten up badly by so many people around me. And no matter if you choose to continue to be who you are or change yourself to be like the rest of them, when you let their words get to you, you will get bruised either way.

Let me end with a simple yet power story told by a teacher friend of mine.

Her son: My classmate told me I am stupid. Am I stupid?
Her: Let me ask you, if someone told you you are the King, are you?
Her son: No, why would I?
Her: Exactly. So why would you be stupid when someone told you that you are?

So the next time when someone told you they feel otherwise about what you are and proceed to slam you with negativity- smile and say nothing. Because deep down you know, that nothing they can say can make you any lesser.