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Today, I received a comment, that she thought a fellow friend of mine would be able to tolerate and go through the hardship which I was going through better, and longer.

First, I felt insulted. Then, I started to doubt myself. I then proceed to mentally compare myself with that fellow friend.

Memories of her and every incidents I had with her started pouring out, and I squeezed my mind to compare every tiny detail. Before I go into my usual self of thinking myself to death, a thought hit it, isn’t it all along my life’s goal to have a smooth sailing life?

So why would it matter if I could or could not tolerate hardship or do a better job than her? Why bother winning a competition that I didn’t even want it in my life in the first place?

Sometimes people in our lives benchmark us against people that they know, against beliefs that they had built their lives around. And just sometimes, it‘s sounded even more convincing when more than one person around you believe upon the same thing.

But being alone in your opinions and beliefs doesn’t make you wrong, nor does it make you insane. Just like almost half of the world’s wealth is owned by 1% of the population, and they didn’t accumulate their wealth by thinking they should think like the rest of the 99%.

We always feel that gaining approval and live like how others live make us less lonely, and impressing others is a life’s achievement. But the truth is, not aligning with what you feel on the inside had never left you even lonelier before.

So, whenever an remark is passed about what kind of person you should be, let it pass through and out from the other ear. Then shut your eyes and listen to that little voice inside instead. But this time, listen with intent to this voice, because from now on, this should be the only voice you should listen to.