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Someone actually told me today, not to show my negative emotions at work, because my boss won’t like it.

And by negative emotions, I meant upset due to certain stuff at work. *show puppy teary eyes

I was instantly offended, because she was telling me I wasn’t entitled to my own emotions. I wasn’t flaring my temper in a Godzilla kind of way, I wasn’t spitting any fire. I was just having teary eyes, maybe one or two stream of tears.

So I told her so, I am entitled to my own emotions. In the first place, I won’t be tearing up if I’m not feeling upset. And now you are telling me what to feel?

She then proceed to hint me, this is a very small industry, people talk. I then told her, if she wants to inform the whole industry that I cried in office so don’t hire me, and I will be jobless for the rest of my life, so be it.

Pardon me for my story, this is a negative story, and this suppose to be a spiritual, uplifting blog.

But just imagine, if I had listened to her and gone with her words, what would have become of me.

Life gets you down sometimes, at least it tries to pull you downwards. But always remember, it’s always a spiral staircase. If it tries to pull you down and you agrees to let it, you will be twisting and turning your way down when it doesn’t even feel like it. The next thing you know, you may have just hit rock bottom.

But instead, stay where you are. Fight for it, defend it, vent about it, but never go down with it. Yes, while we say we attract what we think, but sometimes negativity still pops up once in a while, asking if we would like to join the devil of negativity. And when it comes, always say no.

Climbing up the spiral staircase may take more effort, judging from the fact that a lot of them are at the bottom, but trust me, it’s rewarding. The view is different, the people you are with is different, and your whole world will be different.

So, persist.