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business woman in a shopping centre with some bags

Have you ever noticed your behavioral pattern when you shop?

First, something caught your eye. You walked over to take a closer look. You like what you see, so you decided to pick out a couple of different designs that you might like, then you choose from the bunch you had shortlisted again.

You tell yourself, this stuff isn’t cheap! I better have a serious thought about which I would eventually fork out my money for!

You examine them a littler closer.
You ask around for opinions, you take serious consideration of what the rest have to say.
You took a mini break from choosing.
You choose again.

More often than not, you eventually ended up bringing home that first precious that caught your eye, after spending the effort to select, select, and re-select from the variety of options presented to you.

As much as we would like to rationalize things, to think things through logically, deep inside you, you know there is a higher self inside of you. And deep down you know, you are connected to this infinite intelligence.

However, even though most of the time we know what we want, more often than not, we care too much about other people’s opinions, logically does it make sense, is it wrong just because most of the people out there isn’t doing it. Before we make a certain decision, we think of the reason that answer other people’s why, so that we can get acceptance and support.

And sometimes, sadly, we forsake our love, our passion, ourselves, because we couldn’t give a rationale reason, and they simply doesn’t accept the reason because it just makes me happy.

And sometimes, just sometimes, you thought others know better. Because they had walked the path, because it’s proven to be safe, because they had lived it and it was okay.

But deep down, you know.
You know, you weren’t that.

You know, you are more than that.

number of ppl on earth

There are more than 7 billion people in the world, almost 6 million people in Singapore, isn’t it strange if most of us are meant to walk the same path in life?

If you had chosen a bag your friend deemed pretty, but not you, that’s okay, you can always get another in time to come.

But if you had chosen a spouse, a career, a path in life that deep down in your gut you know it’s not you, it’s simply not right, and even though you had tried to rationalize things in your mind telling yourself it’s the right choice but it’s not working so far…

Well, deep down, you know what to do.