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I’m glad that I went to Lotus gathering earlier.

Ever since I started my new job about a month ago, my head had been up in the negativity cloud, again. It’s all about why are all the jobs I got myself into are so damn hard, accounts are messy, bosses are always so hard to deal with, environment is so strict, benefits are so little…

To the extend that I wanna go running back to my previous workplace, because of the familiarity, longer leaves, flexible working hours… And I admit for a moment there, I disregarded how work and their system used to suck.

Because the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence, isn’t it?

My body was tensed up for the longest time and I couldn’t sleep well, until listening to a friend of mine speak just now.

I didn’t ask him for any advice though, nor did I brought up any particular topic. I just simply let him let his thoughts flow. Which I happily allow, because they were flow of positivities that inspires me.

He spoke not just of good stuffs, but how he counter the bad. They are common yet unpleasant, like how the rest push work around, looking down on others just because they know one thing or two more than another. He spoke of how he view all these on another angle, a positive angle, and how he can benefit from them. How he aspire to be Napoleon Bonaparte, a man who is capable enough to be worthy of an army made up of ten thousand soldiers.

They weren’t new knowledge, but I guess it’s rooted deeply inside of me that I don’t like to be short-changed for my effort, which is what is tugging on my heart, holding me back on my full potential. It’s as if he was holding this lamp within the fog and pointed to me to the right direction.

And I am in the right direction, what I lack was the right attitude and mindset.

Thank you for the inspiration, and pointing me to the right direction. 🙂