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I just got to know this new friend. She’s a very nice person, almost too nice at times, that too often than not people overstepped their boundaries. Her parents dotes on her siblings more, her partner did not treat her too well, and well, neither did her partner’s mother.

And the sappy sad story replayed itself to me everyday. After a few weeks, I think it finally got to me. By got to me, I meant the negativity. The aftertaste doesn’t feel good. I think you get what I mean if you dislike drinking coffee or eating durian (not that I dislike anything of those though).

I too, like her, wasn’t brought up with the habit of thinking and feeling positive. It got to me a little feeling like is my life gonna pan out like this as well? And it’s not a good feeling, to feel you are still alive yet you won’t be happily living it.

And then I did what I usually do. When I was younger, I don’t wallow myself in misery and worries. Now, I consult my best friend- Google. I typed in how to deal with negative people and click on the first link of my search- this.

And indeed, I felt better.

It’s not that I haven’t read these type of articles before, but me being me, I usually am not discipline enough to practice and eventually, I forget. Eliminating negative people totally out of my life is not possible, so it’s better for me to learn how to deal with them and learn to be aware that it’s not about me, it’s about them.

I feel better now.