I love listening to songs. I never understood why I somehow love it more than the rest of the people, but recently I’m getting enlightened.

When I listen to a particular song, the time stood still. It didn’t just stood still, the emotion that was evoking into my body, my soul stood still together with time. When we go through the normal routine in life, our body and our mind isn’t in sync most of the time. While we perform our daily task like a robot, our mind probably’s miles away– either far back into our past memory, or dreaming about our ideal future. Worse still, we might be worrying the present problem, how it’s gonna be the end of the world.

But when I’m listening to a certain song, I stayed right at that place where I wanna be. When I wanna be in love, I stayed right that with that song till the last note, enjoying love even when I don’t have anyone with me. When I wanna feel hyped up, I listened to that girl power song repeatedly, enjoyed how it pumped up my mood. Because let’s admit it, most of the time in life, we have a million things going on in life that it’s so hard to focus, even when you have the love of your life right in front of you, you sometimes can’t bear even for a moment to wonder if there’s any incoming text messages/emails on your phone.

On a side note (mostly serves as a reminder for myself), it’s time I faced the fact that I am more of an emotional person as a logical person, and I probably have chosen the wrong path in my career. While I can’t go cold turkey and take a 180 degree change, because I have to face the fact I’m not professionally train in my artistic area, I will practice regularly and train up on that. 🙂