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I haven’t been following Buddhism Boot Camp for quite a while now, but I read a Facebook posting just now, and now I’m inspired.

Maybe it’s meant to be, because of how Facebook works these days, I’ve not been seeing posts from BBC for quite some time, and have long forgotten about it. Today, the boyfriend bought a new phone and while I was scrolling through his FB, this was the post I read–

My dad wanted to see what my life was like after years of hearing me talk about being a minimalist and simplifying my life. I told him that to TRULY understand it, he’d have to come live with me for a month, so he did. He is very much the materialistic consumer, so when he first walked into my little apartment he said, “OMG! You don’t have anything!” But after living with me for a month, preparing my meals with me, going for long walks every day, reading, writing, meeting with people one-on-one, etc., and truly tasting the simplicity of my life, he looked me in the eyes before boarding his flight back home and said, “There is nothing missing from your life!”. It brought tears to my eyes because he actually got it… both his statements were true: I don’t have anything (in the materialistic sense), yet there is nothing missing from my life.

I know the posting is more of how elated he is with his father, but it did guilt me into thinking despite many years back I tried to back away from being a materialistic consumer, I haven’t really changed that much over the years.

I mean… I did sorta change in a way like I stopped retail therapy, buying stuffs just because there is a sales going on etc. I too know that it’s pretty impossible for me to live life as simple as a monk, or even near to BBC, but I would like to stop buying or doing unnecessary things or steps. Like, do I really need to have 10 different types of masks? (Mud mask, sheet mask, cleansing mask…) But at the same time I know it’s pretty impossible to move away from my parents, not having a job or spending everyday just meditating and talking about enlightenments with fellow beings. So stuffs like dressing up a little, putting on makeups is still a necessity for me.

That being said… I’m grateful I read that posting, as it serves as a reminder that life on earth is just a passing journey, and every experience is important no matter what is the duration. Not just external possessions, it serves as a reminder that I should meditation more frequently and letting go of any grudges I bear.