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ImageIt’s Chinese New Year (CNY) again, and it’s time to face people once a year that you really don’t want to.

I didn’t mean to be a bummer, but fact is I am not close to my relatives. Even not close is just an understatement, fact is we dislike one another. Well, at least for some of us.

We all have people in our life that we can’t get along, people that we just don’t wana see, people that irks us just by their sound of breathing. Sometimes we don’t even know why. And even though sometimes we do, there isn’t anything much we can do about it, not even getting them outta our faces. With the technologies these days, it’s even harder. Or even worse, you face them everyday at school or work.

Fact is, we are all unique individuals, and there will always be people that you meet that has a different opinion, different preference, different stand. Yes, some may even be thoroughly annoying, but it’s almost inevitable in life.

Every year, months before CNY, I would already start to dread it. I don’t wana go, my mind would echo. I don’t wana go. But I know I had to let that resistance go, but I have no idea how. I pondered a while, then decided to turned on the telly and procrastinate. Then that’s when the realization came to me.

You know how TV series always have the good and the bad, and how the bad can be evil to their very core and sometimes annoys the crap outta you, and comparing the character to the real-life person you dislike, the person don’t even make you feel half as bad.

That is because I don’t have any attachment for the evil tv-character, and I just see him for what he is.

You’ll always have that person around who likes to complain and does nothing about it, that nosy uncle who likes to poke his nose everywhere and gossip behind people’s back, that pessimistic cousin who thinks the worst of the world and insist that you think that way.

So I closed my eyes, sat back, and went through all the nasty people that has been bothering me for a very long time, and see them for what they really are. Once I see them as what they are, the tension in my body and negative energy are released.

We can’t change the world, we cannot get rid of people that isn’t doing any good to the world or fix them instantly. We can’t shut them out, nor avoid the same type of people for the rest of our lives, but we can choose to see them for what they really are and choose not to focus our energy on them. Sometimes they might still come into your face and remind you of how annoying they can get, but don’t give up. Because that is when you freed yourself from them and move forward in life. 🙂