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When I got to know Law of Attraction from The Secret, it always tell you to not accept where you are (if your situation is bad, that is) and visualize the good days that you want to be in.

And that was exactly what I did back then- When I sprained my ankle, I tell myself my ankle was okay. When a nasty person was nasty to me, I tell myself she’s a nice person and I like her. I pictured the best situation and ignored the true feelings that I always feel.

And like what most teachers of LOA would say, things would turn for the better afterwards, which will be normally what you had visualized. But unfortunately, that didn’t happen for me. Things did not turn worse per se, but my emotional health did.

I was bottling up most of my negative feelings, refusing to admit their existence. While my face was probably showing my stress and anxiety, I was still forcing a smile through every situation and as much as I would not like to admit- It must not be very pretty. And as crazy as it may sound, there was a time I scared myself awake every night, feeling that bad things were about to happen to me.

That when I came across EFT (emotion freedom technique) and The Power of Now
That’s when I truly understood looking at bright side of life is never the entire story.

Ironically, we have to accept the current situation in order for things to evolve. That include facing our darkest fears, biggest anger, feeling every negative emotions that is stored inside our body, digest them, to get them out of the system. Because, having any ounce of resistance in your body, isn’t gonna help the situation at all. But that doesn’t mean we are declaring to the Universe this is our entire life, which belongs to the belief system, which is another story for another post.

With true acceptance, comes detachment. And when detachment comes, it is truly when some things doesn’t matters anymore, and with that, you will be more grateful for everything that comes along your way, and that is, when enlightenment and the good things-  comes.

I am no expert at that, because I have to admit some matter still get on my nerves. But I’m improving day by day, and that’s all it counts to my road of a better future.