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Seriously, let’s face it. So many times when someone told us their story and their decisions/actions for it, we would wriggle my nose, furrow our brows and go, well, I’m not so sure about that. If I were you…

But the fact is, we are not the rest of the billions of people in this world. Nothing would make us become them. And even if we did become in a similar situation, you may find out your perspective on the situation may be different also.

“If I were you, I wouldn’t have given up so much to my boyfriend. You must protect yourself.
If I were you, I wouldn’t have spend so much on that bag! Gosh I could buy a car with that!
If I were her, I would have argued and demand my fair share with that sales girl!”

How many times did the ideal solution came to your mind when you heard a story, even as far as to read a story in the newspaper. Probably even worse, you told a person who took the courage to confide in you, how stupid he/she was to make that decision and should have done otherwise instead.

Fact is, we all grew up having different beliefs and perspective of life, things, people. Even if you feel the other person’s judgement isn’t all that well, it might be the best for him/her that her point of life. Or even still, the ideal solution that you thought of, isn’t the best at all.

The world is big, bigger than what you thought it is, most of the time. Keep an open mind, empathize more than to nitpick. You may just realized you learn more from your own comfort zone.