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It’s been a long time since I blog, was busy with work and stuff. But now that I have the time, here I am. 🙂

Throughout my phase of busy-ness during this period, I realised the resistance in my body keeps building up. When there’s a lot of work to be done, I wish it could be lesser, so even at the expense of skipping lunch, I worked my way through so that it could be lesser. When I got home I saw the mess that needed to be cleared up, I do as much as I could so that it could be neater.

After not long did I then realised- I have resistance towards what is.

It’s harder to understand for stuffs that could be easily done. Like, I could complete more work so it could be lesser, I could clear up the mess at home so it could be neater. But when it comes to thing beyond your control, it’s even more important that we all could concede to what is.

Like, you wish you could have a more caring mother, but the fact is your mother loves herself more than you.

Sometimes things will not go the way we wanted, and sometimes there is even some ways we could go, some paths we could take so that we still can get what we want. Not denying the statement earlier, but rather, the mentality that we need to be in is more important than the steps that you think you might need to take, because it gives you the clarity of mind to know the steps that are about to take, is the best path.

Simply as, I skipped my lunch to complete as much work as I could. Little did I know the state of anxiety energy attracts more work to me (law of attraction). Or perhaps, works might just keep coming in any how. Not taking a break will only make you more tired mentally, and at the end of the day, even if you had accomplish more than if you had not take a break, you feel worse that the alternative.

It’s harder than said, more complicated than what we perceived, but heed my advice for one of the issue that is  gripping you so hard at the moment. Once you admit the truth, the clarify sinks in, everything will become crystal clear.