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People used to look for me for advices on love. I used to think I know a lot, but fact is I know nothing. I’m sorry if I gave you bad advices on love in the past, for the mind know nothing about love. It’s the heart that does.

I used to measure love, from the amount of affections your partner showers on you to the amount of gifts he/she bought for you. I used to tell people not to give away tooo much, because the person is gonna take you for granted, and not tooo little because he/she might think you don’t love him/her and give up on you altogether. If they don’t love you enough, leave, because it’s not worth it.

Before I met him, I always use those little mind tricks to get attention from the opposite sex, maybe because I’m not well-loved, or maybe because I just crave for love. But however more I get, I’m still hollow inside.

Before I met Mr. Right, I was with a few Mr. Right-now, and I measured love with how much they could give me, and how much they didn’t meet my expectations. Not was I only hollow, the package came along with a lot of anger and frustration.

I don’t know how many Mr. Right-Now could actually be my Mr. Right if I hadn’t been measuring and analyzing so much of the life situations, because love has got nothing to do with the mind, but with how you actually feel inside your heart.

The unconditionally love is similar to a parents having for their child. It’s the kind of forgiving big heart, the loving figure that is forever there for you, regardless of how rebellious or how much you are at the wrong path of life. They will never give up on you.

Love is no matter how much you hated the situation between you and him/her right now, but you know you’ll never leave him, because you never leave your family regardless of how much you hated the moment, because your heart is still loving him/her.
Love is standing fearlessly regardless of how much tears or fear it has caused, the same way you would for your family.
Love is allowing the person to be whoever he/she wants to, at the same time wishing they could be better for their sake, not yours.
Love is willing to brave the world to protect them, despite of how many people telling you it’s not worth it.
Love is knowing love is enough, and materialism can never replace any of it, not even a drop.
You know when you know love, when you can smile at another person fussing about their love issue, because you know they’ll know it all, when they get to know love.

Free your mind for once, feel the other person with your heart to know if he/she’s the one, and let go of all frustrating situations. Because life situations can get better, love once loss cannot be replaced. ❤