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cory-monteith-raising-the-roof-01Yes, it’s gonna be a heavy topic today. I know Cory Monteith’s death has been out for quite a while, but it actually hit me pretty hard.

I am a fan of Glee, major fan in fact. It has been through a lot of ups and downs with me. I know it’s kinda meant for younger audience, but its positive attitude towards life and how they tackle problems that are common within us is very inspirational for me. Every time I feel down and disappointed with my life situations, Glee always perk me up, at least for a few hours.

Finn Hudson isn’t my so-called favourite character in the show, but the show would definitely not be the same without him. In fact, season after season, I watched him grow and develop, and some form of emotional attachments is formed.

I may say I’m traumatized by his death, as I still wake up in the morning having a hard time believing it’s gone forever, but what I realized is- I wasn’t really hit by the fact that he’s gone forever, because even if he never act again after that, it wouldn’t have impacted me. But instead, it felt like he has taken away some of the good feelings he had imprinted into me once.

Bad-michael-jacksons-short-films-11016298-1124-1054Like what happened when Michael Jackson was announced dead. Even though he wasn’t exactly active, or rather I hasn’t been following his news for quite a while during that time, I can feel a part of me died along with him. A big part of my childhood was listening to his music and watching his dance moves. And now, the person who was there for me during my growing phase, wasn’t there anymore.

I was sad for a while, then I realized we are all gonna end up dead one day. It’s a fact that everyone knows, but doesn’t seem like everyone acknowledge it though. We always tell ourselves the hardship we go  through today is for the future’s better good, and we use all our strength to hate the people whom we hate.

A04XED_2075982bAnd guess what? The person you hate so much with your guts, is gonna end up ashes one day tooo, just like you. And no matter how wealthy or how little you have now, how smoothly or how many problems you have on hand that seems bigger than life itself, we are all gonna end up dust one day anyway.

So while you’re at it trying so hard to wish the problem would go away for tomorrow’s sake, think how it actually will go away one day because you wouldn’t be here anymore, and enjoy the beauty of being alive, while you still can.

A part of me actually wanted to hate Cory Monteith for not taking care of himself, because I feel a part of happy me dying away with him. And imagine those who are actually close to him, and imagine your closest one leaving you one day.

But deep down we all know, some things are beyond our control, but what is actually in our control is, never let the happy feeling that they gave us, let slip away. As the old saying goes, you may forget what is the exact thing that happened, but you can never forget how the other person made you feel.

So, leave a legacy every now and then. Smile at someone who are tooo consumed into their own problem, give that old lady a helping hand. They might not even know you, but it might make their experience a better one whilst they are at their worst.

Let’s make the experience on earth a better one while we are still alive, and never let go of how those magnificent people made you feel. 🙂