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I had been pretty busy with life lately, and among all the busy-ness, I got overwhelmed, and lost myself in it, eventually.

Things had been crazy with the amount of emails I’m receiving, the mess it has been at home, tooo many information online and the number of people I’m talking to.

The next thing I know I’m obsessed thinking of ways how to keep things organized and the best solutions to all the problems. And yes, even during when I’m suppose to rest and have my meal properly.

I’ve forgotten the reality that none of these matters more than me myself.

In the most convenient and knowledgeable era ever, life turns itself to the most complicated path at its best. We ran away problems with another obsession. Yes, we do ran away from the fact that I hate my job by pinning insanely on Pinterest (Yes, I do that sometimes, without even attempting to try out how the DIY actually works)

Fact is, running away from problem with another problem of your isn’t gonna work. Then again sometimes if you think again, the problem isn’t a problem as what it appears to be, the problem lies with you.

I used to go mad and angry at my mom for not paying much attention to me as my brother. The fact is, I want her to love me more. And the fact is, I need external love to feel love. And the fact is, I don’t love myself enough.

In this wide, wide world out there, no matter how advance or how high-tech it has become, it’s still you inside you. So don’t lost focus because you deem some things are more important, because nothing is more important than you.

So whenever things seem crazy and life situations took its toll on you, close your eyes and search for that sweet, sweet soul within, and know, nothing matters more than what is inside of you.