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Sometimes I just feel like the flower along the roadside.

I’m a pleasant view to your sight, I contribute oxygen back to the earth, and I probably give pollen to bees. I’m not tooo sure what I does, but I know I’m useful in a certain way.

But more often than not, people rush pass me without a second look, sometimes not even a glance. It’s like I don’t exist, I’m not important. Sometimes they trample on me because I’m in their way.

I feel unappreciated.

And sometimes instead of the flower, I feel like I’m the pebble.

I feel like I’m useless, the world can still go on without my existence. Probably the only times people pay attention to me is when I was in their way and almost tripped them. And the only words I get would are angry cursing and swearing.

The world now is operating on a system that we almost ignore the fact that we are human beings, not some emotionless creatures who try to survive within the requirements after civilization.

We choose a partner not because we love him, but because he’s rich and handsome. Companies give a emotionless no to a job seeker just because he didn’t fit the requirements. And before I even realized, the government operates and make important decisions based on statistics collected.

So before you go through another day today, I want you to tell yourself, we are important, regardless of whatever social values you think you lack, or whoever trample or criticize you, or simply disregard you.

Fact is, we all are, and we don’t need other’s approve or compliments for us to be. Because once you recognize that, your world will change and that’s when, you truly become important.

Believe in yourself, and the rest will fall into place. -Brad Henry