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Recently I have been practising presence, as I’m still at The Power of Now. It’s not as easy as I thought (you’d thought it’s just tuning into now, what’s so difficult?), but it’s definitely not impossible.

After consistently reminding myself to tune into Now instead of losing myself in my mind, I realised a few key things to follow while tuning into now, and I hope it’s useful to you tooo.

When you are performing a task, focus on that task on hand.

Sometimes when I am doing some mundane job, my mind would sway. Then recently after constant reminder of myself to be more aware of my presence, I wasn’t focused on the job I was at, rather my awareness sway. Nothing wrong with it, but I constantly was focusing on the ants on the table rather than the coolness of water when I was washing the dishes. The same you wouldn’t wana focus on the people walking by rather than your friend who is trying to confide in you. While your awareness isn’t that strong yet, focus on the main thing that you are trying to perform instead, then slowly spread your awareness further.

Focus on your inner self

This sounds kinda vague, but it’s more like how you are feeling right now. Most of the time we try to mask our own emotions because bad things happened, and we don’t wana tune in to feel it properly, because it’s just so unbearable.

But you know what? It will just creep up on you until you deal it with, and digest it properly. Negative emotions and energy are just like sales people, the very persistent kind. It will just keep knocking on your door until you open it, tell him politely you don’t need it. He may try to induce uncomfortable feeling onto you, getting you to do things that you don’t want to. But the only way to let it go is to open the door, listen to him to what he’s gotta say, and say no, you don’t need it. Pretending like the persistent knocks were not there isn’t gonna make him go away.

So, not just the external world that you experience with your 5 senses, your inner self has a message for you also. It’s natural state would feel at peace, not affected by what is going on in your life. If you feel otherwise in your own body, you probably have some unresolved issues that you haven’t dealt with. So please, do yourself a favour, let the bad things go and make room for good things to come in.

Make time for planning the future.

As much as we would like to focus on the presence, we would like to make plans for the foreseeable future. How far away, I guess it’s only to be decided by you, because what deem unforeseeable to me might be foreseeable to you.

So I do make a slot of time to allow myself to recall the past, plan for the future, because past serves as lessons for you to make future choices. So I always write my gratitude journal everyday to keep my habit of gratitude, and make plans for things I want in the future, and spend some time to think about the details.

Like recently I just made a list of things I would like to have in my future home, the location, what type of house etc. Future is not necessary forbidden, but don’t be tooo obsessed about it that you spend more than enough time thinking about them. When you are done planning for the future, close that notebook of yours (or simply just that notebook in your mind), and move your consciousness to the presence again, leaving everything to the Universe to bring you nothing but the best.

Your mind is your personal tool, you are not your mind.

 I don’t say stop thinking altogether! Or control your mind! Because the fact is, this is life. We go through life having things we wish we hadn’t do, could have done better, or being led on by news to think the world of a certain way.

It’s vague but there’s no better way to say this- You are not your mind, don’t let it run your life. You might think you are what you think, but it’s not. You are you when you are not thinking. When someone asked to describe yourself, those words are not you, because the real you is how you feel inside you, which is indescribable.

So saying that, let’s say a simple example. Someone told you that you the job market is bad, then you go on thinking oh it’s bad, you can never get a job, or change a job. Maybe it went on for a few hours or days, and it permanently sits in your mind, and it’s affecting your actions, because you stop even trying to apply for a job since the market is bad.

If you are doing this, you are being controlled by your mind. As corny as it sounds, it’s like those movies Oblivion, I Robot etc. You made a super computer to make life easier, now the super computer took over and control you, pretending to be you.

Because the fact is, there is no good, no bad. There is no assurance you can’t find a job regardless what other people is thinking or acting out there. (You have to agree with me on this.)

So instead of thinking and thinking… why not simple tell your mind I want a new job, what should I do to get a new job? It’s your tool, not who you are. You are not your super computer. Don’t let it run your life, especially in a miserable way.

Use your mind when you need it, let your tool rest when you don’t, or when it needs to. 😉