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So be honest to yourself, how much of your presence do you normally truly dedicate to that something that you do, at that point of time?


So I bumped into this book, and decided to read it judging on the popularity it has gotten. I wouldn’t say I agree 100% with everything it has said (maybe I’m not enlighten enough to truly understand), but I do agree with one thing- The Power of Now.

We sometimes are just tooo obsessed with building the future that we want, and being tooo careful not to repeat the mistake of the past, that we forsaken the time we are actually gifted now- The Present. Which is slipping away moments by moments, every moment that you didn’t pay enough attention to notice… is gone.

Sometimes we deemed things that we plan to do, or set out to do, has got to do with a better future. Like you choose an urgent project at work rather than to attend your child’s school graduation ceremony. Or even worse, you attended your child’s graduation ceremony, thinking about your work task. Your physical body is there, but your mind isn’t.

Because you tell yourself, if I didn’t get this project done well, I might get fired, and our whole family’s future depends on it. And you lost that moment that you should bask yourself in joyous mood that your child graduated from college.

Then, maybe somewhere in the future, when you realised your kid has grown up and stop being close to you altogether, and he said it’s because you never really gave me the attention I wanted, and he hated you for that, you started to live your life regretting the past that you didn’t spend enough attention on them.

This may be just an example, but you know it yourself that you spent so many moments lamenting the past and worrying about the future. But the fact is, you are missing now. Now is the moment. You might be down and out, you might be far from your goals, you might have a regret in life. But the fact is, you are still living a life now. Open up your eyes, and feel the life-source within you.

We are born with 5 senses, but we so rarely fully utilise them. We are so consumed with so many stray thoughts that our mind is so clouded to actually see beauty that lies before us.

So, why not give your mind a rest, and feel with your 5 senses right now, wherever you are, whatever you are doing. You might just strike in awe with the simplest beauty in things.