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It’s hard to distinguish at first, but we have 2 self. Remember the Angel & Devil we used to watch on cartoons when we were young? Except the things they say would be a little different. Or rather, they don’t actually say. They make you feel when you choose to go with either side.

Let’s have a simple example. You had a break up, and you just couldn’t feel better. Your ego, the devil, would asked you to look for a short-term distraction- have a rebound, eat all the ice cream, go to a pub, have one night stand. You feel great for one moment because you fulfill your desire. And then you topple back to where you were, or sometimes worse. Then you do it all over again.

You climbed 1 step, fall back 2.

Your true self, the angel, is what you truly are going through when you sit down alone in your room, showing what you are truly going through in your body, your system, because of the break up. Thoughts run wild, like you will never see him or her again, you might never find another partner like him again, all showed up at once. You might cry your hearts out, you might pair it up with a couple of screams. It might take a few hours, it might take days, but you will feel better, and you might feel your true self again, once you had process the piece of new information and accept the fact.

And sometimes it might not even be a fact, but it’s just a thought that makes you feel bad. Like you will never meet another one as great as him. But it’s always necessary to talk to yourself and tell yourself this is not true, so let go of that thought.

Facing yourself sometimes may not be easily, considering what you are actually going through. But running away by fulfilling short term desires will get you nowhere in life, it’s going through life without actually living it.

So, find a moment, sit down alone in your room, feel what you are going through in there, and cure yourself internally. Because this is the only way that you can continue your life being truly happy.