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Yes, I do meditation. In fact, I meditate everyday, sometimes twice a day. And even though the art of meditation has been all over the internet for quite some time, I still meet a lot of people who aren’t even introduced to meditation.

And some actually do think that only monks meditate, and if I do I must be some weird-ass who got tooo obsessed with spirituality.

But no, in fact, it has so many benefits for both mind and body. With all the amount of information flying around nowadays, and so many gadgets to keep you busy, there is almost no way you can connect with your true self. And with all the chatters in your mind all the time, it’s gonna, or has already, cause you insomnia, unless your mind is literally toooo tired to go on anymore that it just has to shut down.

When I first started meditation, it was absolutely a dread for me. I used to be this person who constantly has a smart phone in hand, and even when I’m not texting somebody, I’m just flipping over my phone just so I am doing something. And I have music on almost 24/7, except only when I’m sleeping. Which I think you may have guessed, I have major insomnia problem. Most of the nights I just end up sick and tired of laying in my bed doing nothing, then I got up and went to watch some senseless Youtube videos just to spend time.

So when I started meditating, it’s not just allowing my thoughts to come to me, but also dealing with them. It’s like when you broke up with your first boyfriend, the agonizing thoughts, that result in agonizing feeling just come to you naturally. I’m never gonna find anyone like him again. I love him so much, but I am never gonna see him again. How am I gonna find another boyfriend? I’m gonna be lonely for the rest of my life and die alone.

Unless we have an incredible optimism, we are gonna have to deal with such things once in a while.

Most of us deal with it by running away from it- Partying every night, talking to your friend, listening to radio and songs etc. Someone once told me, it’s channeling your bad energy into something else, but that’s not true. When something bad happen, the agonizing feeling don’t just go away after a month or even months if you don’t deal with it properly. In fact, it stays in your body until you decide to digest it properly so that it can release out of your system.

There are definitely more benefits than just dealing with negative and getting it out of your system, but this is definitely one of the most beneficial thing for me. Other than this, it quiet your mind, raise awareness, and you can truly say you are living in the moment, because you won’t be constantly lost in your own thoughts.

So when you are meditating and sometimes the worst thoughts just attack you, and you started crying or maybe wana punch your pillow, do it. Because you are finally letting the feeling get to you. So after you quiet yourself down, let your thoughts flow and deal with it one by one. Say, when your subconscious think you are gonna be lonely and die alone, you can deal with it properly by telling yourself, it’s not gonna happen because you are gonna meet an amazing person. It’s proven that message gets into your system better and stronger when you do it while you are meditating.

So, why not try it 5 mins everyday?

Just sit down, close your eyes, take 3 deep breathes, and breath normally after that. Focus on your breathing. When you notice what problems are actually on your mind, then deal with it properly.