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If you have been following my posts, there was one post that I stated and corrected myself multiple times for the way I formed my statement.

Because the fact is, words do form your reality tooo, aside from some of the others like thoughts, emotions etc.

Some phrases just come out naturally, like swearing. What the hell, oh my god, bullshit, pain in my ass…

Yes, even when it’s a natural reaction to something unexpected isn’t good tooo. The truth is, words has their own meaning to it, and your subconscious is reading into it.

So apart from those, you should really track yourself what is the common thing you always say when you talk to someone, the advises you give.

Do you blame it on the world? The society?
Do you say things like, it’s not your fault, it’s others?
Do you say you are not alone going through it?
Or do you simply say, you don’t have a choice?

Advises that we say to our best friend, our family and peers, are normally from the bottom of our heart, because we truly wish them well. And they are probably the advises you would give yourself, and tell yourself to do, when you need advises tooo.

And the things you say and think are the best solution, are normally adhere to what is in your belief system.

Not saying that they are good or bad, but you should choose what to believe wisely. Because the fact is, if you track them down, it’s not entirely the truth. It’s probably either inherited, or because 8 out of 10 of the people off the streets would say that.

And the next thing to ask is, do you need this belief? Is it doing you any good?

Because bad beliefs are like termites to tables. One termite will not catch your attention, but as times goes by, it’s gonna consume the whole table.

Like if you say I will try instead of I will do it most of the time, you probably have lacks of confidence of yourself.

Give it a go, track your words for a day or two, and drill down to what is really hurting your life. Because no one can help you, if you aren’t willing to.