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You know how you’re frustrated with problems, and you try to tell people, and they always end up with the response that “you are not alone”?

Honestly, I don’t get the response. Does it mean as long as you are going along with the crowd, it’s okay? And when it’s not, you are… not okay? Because I didn’t think anyone would tell Thomas Edison that he’s not alone when he couldn’t make his light bulb light up.

We all are down on this planet making a special memory, special experience. We are bonded together in a way, yet we are all unique in our own special way.

So to those out there, when you ran into a door tightly-shut, I would say this–

If you know you are doing the right thing, on the right track, I say go for it. Comments from others doesn’t matter, because no one’s comments ever does. As long as you believe in yourself, things will work out for you.

May you have all the beliefs for yourself. 😉