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I had this dream last night, that I was in a winter, and we had to wear winter coat and leggings and stuffs to keep me warm. I wore my usuals. They are kinda normal, they don’t really stood out, but I felt comfortable in them.

Just me, being a normal me, doing normal stuffs. All of a sudden, a bunch of couture-wearing girls just strutted passed me! They were all fluffy and pretty and heels, looking all confident and beautiful.

And then I woke up, feeling my self-esteem being eaten away.

Then something strikes me, that there can never be a place that you can be comfortable, and blend in, and not be awkward about, except being yourself.

When we grew up in our family, our parents has their own expectation of us, hoping that we would probably turn into someone kind, strong, has a job and down-to-earth. Then we go to school, we see how the majority of the school mates would behave and we would imitate and try to blend in. And then after school, we see what our peers are doing, and the follow the trend.

Honestly, the major factor isn’t about the surroundings that we are exposed to, but it is that there isn’t a supportive pillar by your side throughout your growth that tells you that happiness comes from being yourself, and be proud of it.

Moreover, with the amount of information flying across the skies, and number of gadgets available to us nowadays, we wouldn’t even have a moment that you would sit down and think quietly to yourself.

So when was the last time you actually sat in a public transport, or just somewhere, and daze away into a daydream?

If I took away your expensive car, your designers dress, and your friends, what would you define yourself to be? Oh no please don’t tell me to look into your facebook status, because that is how you wanted to be define, that’s not you.

The thing is, we grew so much into the society that we lost ourselves, and that’s not good. The fact is, everyone of us is born a gem, but we are believe to see that only “diamonds” are the most worthy and expensive. So we all start sticking ourselves with fake, but real-looking plastics to make us all look like diamonds.

But let me tell you the truth, your true self, sparkles more.

This is a mad, mad world, so do yourself a favour and do the world one. Sit down for a moment each day, with no gadgets and music no nothing, and connect with yourself, and that sparkle within you. Because the true potential, lies there.

Oh yes and don’t forget to encourage the other person next to you to do that to. 😉

And I’m dedicating this post to every gem out there, and especially myself. Oh this day of 2nd of May, a gem name Jasmine was born. 😉

May every single person out there would find themselves.