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I was out with a friend the other day. She had been a long time friend, but maybe my head was tooo clouded with negative mindless chatters that I couldn’t see some things.

But now that I do, I am ready to share. šŸ˜‰

So, I’m guessing that if you did read up on some spiritual stuffs or even as simple as watching Oprah’s show, you would have heard her mention The Life’s Purpose.

Sound like a pretty big thing, huh? Well, it did to me as well, initially. I was like, what? The life’s purpose? I thought it was all about staying alive and not die tooo early?

Haha…… Okay I was kidding. I always thought the whole idea of life was an experience. I just wana be happy, you know? I just wana get boyfriend, stay in touch with my family and friend, maybe visit the world a bit… Isn’t that the picture of an ideal life?

But a lot of the time I just feel I was compelled to do something more. It was a vague feeling, but nonetheless, it’s there.

Deep down inside me, I feel I am compelled to tell a story, to tell a story that life is not like what the society says and think. Life can be good, and you can own your life. You can be 80, and you still have ample time ahead of you. You may thought the whole world let you down, but changing a mindset and being hopeful is all you need to pull it back on track.

So I was saying I met my friend. She wasn’t a type of person who could see a dream and wana be there in say, 10 year’s time. But I can see that she was on the right track. She’s really happy, she’s living up to her purpose of her life, and influencing people around her in a positive way. Honestly, she always feel like hope. When the whole world seems crashing down on you, that’s the only thing that could make you feel okay, and you still am gonna make it.

But then again, when you are not that sane to see it, you won’t feel anything even when Oprah Winfrey stood in front of you and tell you that everything is gonna be okay. So first thing first, you need to open up your heart and mind.

My boyfriend had a dream, tooo. He want to give me a good life, and wants to contribute to invent some energy/petrol/oil-saving engine to save resources of the earth (pardon me, I have zero engineering knowledge)

So with bits and pieces of stories here and there, all I wana say is, you have a life purpose. You may be Depak Chopra, who stood in front of the whole world painting a picture of how life is really like, you may be a mother, who dedicate your whole life bringing up a perfect human being, or you may be a person behind the scene, but making valuable contributions to the world.

But no matter who you may be, your life’s happiness depends on you to find that spark in yourself and give it life. You may already know it before this, or you may know it now, or it may even take a few months, few years to find out. But don’t give it up, put this idea at the back of your mind, pull out what’s your life’s purpose, it may just change your life, or the world. šŸ˜‰

And oh yes, Happy Labour Day! šŸ˜‰