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I just told my boyfriend, “I hope I can post an entry everyday… Oh no. I will try to post an entry everyday… Oh crap. I think it should be I will post an entry everyday!

You know, sometimes it’s simple words like this that actually matters, or rather, it’s defines you.

And as abruptly as I will end it, I am gonna talk about something else! (And leaving this to probably the following post)

For the past week, I wasn’t feeling that awesome, not as awesome as I had felt for the past couple of weeks before that. I kept asking myself why, and most importantly, what can I do to let go of all the fear at night. (Oh yes I used to have irrational fear at night, those which makes you hard to fall asleep.)

Tonight was probably the first night I feel at ease.

As all the madness is going on around the world (all the bombing & killings), all these overwhelming emotions just kept building inside me. I think it was probably after 9-11 that I had an idea that- this is a very cruel world after all.

When I was in my teens, I used to tell a friend, the world is a cruel world. Cruel things happen to kind people. That was my understanding of the world, because I couldn’t make out any reasonable reasons, nor I can google anything reasonable online (normally the things that came up was far worse than cruel). I view the world as a very sad, sad place, and indeed things were tough for me, in most of the areas.

Then few years down the road, I was introduced to the Law of Attraction, and some more other spiritual stuffs. And most important of all- Your Belief System.

And being the most important belief (that I believe), is how would you describe the Universe? (or some people call it world or God)

And believe it or not, most of the time you would describe it as your mom or dad, because they kinda rule your world at one point, yeah?

No no, you can’t choose 2 toys. Only 1.
No! You already bought a toy last week! No more for now.
Yes, you need to do your homework and go to school. Or else you would end up as a sweeper along the roads.
And yes, I love you very much. *hugs*

Not saying all are bad, but our parents tend to limit you in certain way, because they thought it’s either making you a better person, or they just protecting you. And unfortunately, if your family don’t show loves and hugs more often than they should, it somehow signals you that you ain’t deserving unconditional love. And one thing I strongly believe, you need more love, joy and peace to go around the world.

Now the next question- If you have to pick a figure, who would it be?

I get it that most of us won’t think of a figure, but do try. It says a lot about your Universe. Believe it or not, when I was in my teens, I would have picked My Chemical Romance & Green Day as ideal of the Universe, because they kinda tells the story of how the world works (or at least I believe). Life was so dark at every turn I was at just felt like another pessimism.

So that was what you perceived, right? Probably you did that because it was what your parents and peers told you, it was what you see in the news, it was the reality that was happening. Hey I gotta stop you right there, did you miss the news of the next millionaire? Did you miss you news of this pet pig saved his owner from a stroke? (I just totally made that up because I came across a similar news but I couldn’t remember what was the animal and what was the incident.)

And when you haven’t think about it yet, I suggest you give your subconscious a nudge and ask for an answer before you continue on. (There’s no pause button, just stop reading)

So now I guessed you thought about your Universe is like already, and now the fun part- Let’s create your ideal Universe you would love to live in! Because the fact is, you can.

What characteristics would you like to order for a Universe?
(Imagine shopping at a mall or looking at a cater-loge)

Honestly, I’m very grateful for religions like Christianity, Buddhism etc, because they gave you a very good picture of who rules the world. (I personally have a religion, but more than that, I believe in being spiritual.) Having a strong figures of God ruling the world that has such positive aspects is so important, because it holds the world together. But of course, you can create your own beliefs of the Universe tooo. Maybe you would like to think you are Universe’s favorite person in the world (I believe there’s no wrong to that)

But now I would like to believe, the Universe is kind and nice and protects me. 😉 And since I was especially afraid of the night (because we all used to think the scary things come out at night), I replace it with my Universe will be there for me, at all times.

So last question would be- If you would need a figure representative, who would it be?

If you are religiously-connected, you have the ideal figure. But for me, for some reason, I prefer Mother Theresa. Mainly because I feel more connected to her, and she’s amazing.

This is what I would suggest on how to have a clearer picture of how you perceive your world, but no matter how you do it, I suggest you to give it a thought about how you actually see the world, and rewrite your belief system. Not by how you read the papers and listen to your peers, but how you actually want it to be.

May you be blessed with health & safety. 😉