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I had set up this blog for quite some time, but I haven’t written anything yet. I was waiting for the right time, for me to get into the right energy…

But now I’m thinking, oh heck it.

There is never a right moment, is it? The right moment starts when you get yourself onto the right track. No matter how near you are to the starting line, or how far you’ve gotten, the main thing is you are on the right track. Life is a journey, we just need to love every bit of it.

I may not have gotten as far as I would want myself to be, but hey, it’s still progression right?

My life haven’t quite worked out how I wanted it to be, and I figured it was because I haven’t connect to my spiritual side, or simply because, I have a lot of undone business inside of me that haven’t been resolved. My habit has always been running away from things that I don’t want to deal with. But now I know that now, I will have to deal with that side of me.

And to myself, and to all of you out there who stumped upon my blog-

When the tough gets going, and the going gets tough, and you feel that you ain’t going anywhere and you feel awful inside out, find that shine inside of you that is piled upon all the dirt you have accumulated all these years and tell yourself- You have got what it takes, even when it means taking baby steps to pull yourself up again.

Cheesy as it sounds, but Don’t Stop Believing. It’s your route to success.